Newsletter: April 2019

Agile Coaching
I'm pleased to share that Scrum Alliance Labs now has 5 Path to Coaching modules available to all. Scrum Alliance Labs is Scrum Alliance's innovation space -- a platform that allows Scrum Alliance to start and share not-yet-polished projects, programs, and materials. Get started on your Path to Coaching!
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While Coaching leaders, I have become increasingly aware that they need to receive Coaching so they can become Coaches to Coach others. Whew...lot's of Coaching! Yes, and that is the Agile mindset shift for leaders to embrace self-organized / self-managed teams. Using my learned Coaching techniques, it is enlightening to see leaders get that "aha" moment. By following the Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™) solution that my team and I put together, we are able to coach, train, mentor, guide and facilitate leaders as they grow into Coaches.
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Sherman Gomberg, CEO | Scrum Adventures LLC

Scrum and Wine I Meet-Up.Com
Our Scrum and Wine event is now a monthly meet-up and occurs as an Open Space discussion for those in the Agile and Scrum community. Enjoy a glass of wine while choosing your Scrum topic to discuss with peers in a relaxing environment. We meet at wine bars and alternate months between Long Beach and Santa Monica. Scrum Adventures provides the appetizers!

Achieving Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation
Scrum Adventures introduces its Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™) solution to assist information technology & business corporations to transform into fully-functioning Agile organizations.
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Scrum Adventures Poker
Download the app that serves as an estimation tool for Agile and Scrum. Allows the development team to estimate with t-shirt sizing or poker chips. Compatible with your device.
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Upcoming Agile and Scrum Events

Agile Alliance Online Coaching Network: April 5, 10a PST
Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreat: April 7-9, Berkeley, CA
Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering: May 20-22, Austin, TX
Agile Alliance Annual Conference (Agile2019): August 5-9, Washington, DC
Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering: October 28-30, Vienna, Austria

Upcoming Training Courses

Certified Scrum Developer® Training: May 9-11, Long Beach, CA
Certified ScrumMaster® Training: May 25-26, Long Beach, CA
Scrum Values Training: June 22-23, Long Beach, CA
Certified ScrumMaster® Training: July 14-15, Santa Monica, CA
Certified Scrum Developer® Training: November 7-9, Long Beach, CA