Training Solutions

Our Scrum Adventurers deliver comprehensive training solutions that provide a positive and productive learning experience for each trainee as well as your organization.

Our courses can be easily customized and we will partner with your team to ensure the class fits the goals and objectives of your organization.

In general, the scope of our training consists of:

  • Learning the Scrum Framework and Values
  • How to apply Scrum in a project
  • A mixture of games, exercises, and role plays that lead to effective understanding of the Scrum methodology

We can train different roles using a variety of training techniques. Through our training, we will teach your team to better use Scrum while also helping you grow your company’s Agile culture.

Who We Train

Scrum Master

Have your Scrum Master trainees learn the foundations of Scrum and become responsible for making sure the Scrum team lives by the values and practices of Scrum. Often considered a coach and champion (but not the boss) for the team, a Scrum Master will help the team do their best work to produce the product. 

Product Owner

The Product Owner trainee will acquire the techniques needed to become an effective Product Owner who owns the vision of what is to be built by the Scrum Team. The Product Owner trainee will learn how to convey that vision by being a voice for the customer and stakeholders while obtaining confidence and skills to work well with the Scrum Team.

Development Team

Your Development Team members will be trained to collaborate to perform the set of work (user stories) that has been collectively committed to be completed within a Sprint. They will be coached on how the work gets done, which tools and techniques can be used, and learn the skills required to create a potentially shippable product. Your developers will be taught to follow the Scrum values associated with coding and testing the software. 


Have your Stakeholders trained on how to work directly with the Product Owner so that the Scrum Team can focus on creating the shippable product. Customized training sessions can be held to coach your Executives on how to use Scrum, the advantages of using Scrum, and how to be effective in an Agile environment

Our Training Methods

On-Site Classroom Training

Our on-site classroom training is where our trainers come to your location to train your resources. Our teaching approach is based on high retention learning. This is accomplished through interactive classroom activities, role playing, team creativity, group discussion, training games, teams designing their own activities, and real-life scenarios. A method often applied is "say-show-do", where the trainer "says" the new material, "shows" how to apply the new material, and then had the trainees "do" the new learned material.

Remote Classroom Training

Our remote classroom training is where your trainees are sent to an off-site location to be trained. The teaching approach used by our trainers is the same as described in our on-site classroom training.

Individualized Training / Coaching

Our individualized training represents practical, one-on-one coaching sessions with trainees receiving the full attention and focus from our trainers. Our approach can be customized to individual needs, with content custom-designed based on the goal and objective of the individual training.


Our webinars can teach the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum in a highly engaging and interactive training process that is perfect for remote teams or organizations with multiple locations. We can provide your organization with takeaway materials from the training sessions, such as handouts, workbooks, and recordings of live classroom training sessions.

Benefits of Our Training

  • Optimized training applications
  • Content organized based on roles and made relevant to the trainee
  • Content accessible in multiple formats / platforms / devices
  • Exercises designed so a Scrum Team learns to work together resulting in a self-managing team
  • Training program and costs tailored to fit organization budget
  • Takeaway materials (such as handouts, workbooks, recordings of live classroom training sessions) from any of our training sessions can be easily provided

Our Trainers / Coaches

Sherman Gomberg

Sherman outdoors smaller.jpg

Sherman Gomberg founded Scrum Adventures as an opportunity to enrich others. As CEO, Sherman has over 25 years of experience with SCRUM, AGILE and PROJECT MANAGEMENT while providing COACHING services for various industries. Sherman is CSM, CSPO, CSP, CSD and PMP certified. He is passionate about training those so they can help others.

Ivan Biddles

Ivan Biddles closeup smaller.jpg

Ivan Biddles has over 30 years of success as a CTO, principal architect, designer and developer. He has worked on flight simulators and operating systems, embedded devices and mobile and cloud applications, He has dedicated considerable time to training and mentoring other developers because of his passion to pass on all he has learned to the current and next generations of computer professionals. Ivan is a CSM and CSD and holds an MBA and MS in Computer, Systems and Data Science.

Interested in our Training and Coaching Solutions?